Suggestions to improve Pro-Play Nerfed Champions without upping Damage

In Recent Patches Riot has nerfed a couple of champions who have seen pro-play. As a result they show bad performance in Solo Q and Riots Go-to-Solution seems to be to just up Ratios / Damage. In my opinion this is questionable for several reasons: * We already have quite a bursty game with all the extra damage from runes and see many complaints piling up in regards to this phenomenon. * In some cases removing mechanics that Riot deems unfavorable for Pro Play hurt the identity of champions (looking at you Galio and Ult Damage Reduction...goodbye Protector) * Even completely breaking a champions knees for pro play appearance does not seem enough as they tend to reappear besides abyssmal performance pushing them into unplayable territory for Solo Q. (Akali, Aatrox, Irelia....) So how about not tweaking damage numbers for once and resort to readding some mechanics you cut out to improve Solo Q performance. I know this sounds fairly wild, perhaps even insane but if you haven't deemed me insane yet, why not follow my train of thought till the end. {{champion:3}} Reintroduce his Damage Reduction on Ultimate but make it scale only with his MR and Magic Damage Reduction only! Current Pro Play Galio is not building Resistances as hes played Support. Mid Lane Galio won't see much help from this and it would solidify his design as a anti-mage tank! {{champion:223}} : Make the CD of his Ally Devour dependant wether he swallows low or high % HP Targets. One Clutch Safe per Team fight with high CD or one preemptive one with less CD, reducing important DPS output from his carries. {{champion:266}} : E is back to double stack system but can only be cast during Q. Casting it without Q puts it on full CD. Both Stacks are consumed. (credits to someone somewhere else...liked the idea) To be fair im lacking further ideas but this should just be a first start, maybe some of you guys have even better ideas and with enough support we might get Riot to listen and not just got the damage route with champion balancing.

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