RIP Dominion - A Look To The Future of The Game

Dominion used to be my home. I can't show how sad i am about its death. But im not here to try and make Dominion come back. I'm here asking for Riot to make a casual game mode, fast paced and one where you can chose your own character. Why am i asking this? Because i am a casual player and on this day and age many are also casual players. We dont want to spend 40 to 50 min inside a game. I think it would be very important for the company to make a game mode for casual players. Dominion may have been a failure in your eyes...but it was my HOME. I used to play Dominion everyday with a group of friends and with actual tactics. It was on Dominion where i first got a "complete match history of wins" We loved it and we were the best at it. Please dont let the "failure" of Dominion prevent you from making new game modes. I beg you. I dont want to give up on League of Legends. But right now the only thing that would make me come back would be a "fast paced casual game mode where you can pick your own character" Im not making demands. Im just giving my opinion :( I hope all of you have a nice day
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