How to climb as support?

I mainly play support because I find it the most "responsible" and fun, but the problem is that as a support, there is not much I can do to actually carry the game. I mean, I might be able to carry the late game as Rakan or Leona, but there's nothing I can do early game if any other lane feeds. Plus, your rank is supposed to determine your ability to carry the game, but mine honestly depends too much on my teammates. For example, I'm playing the placement games right now and in 5 out of 8 games there was a feeder, it wasn't even a bad team as a whole, just one person that makes it incredibly hard to catch up with the enemy. However, even in those situations, our mid or jungler was able do "something", to try to gank the fed enemy and turn the game around, but there's nothing I can do besides hold my own lane. So, I'm asking all experienced supports out there, is there anything I can do here besides finding a premade, or just grind like everybody else, be patient, and hope for decent teammates?
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