Targon's brace question and any tank support tips wanted!

Hey all, I was wondering what the time Targon's brace normally transforms should be if your playing support. I generally played non tanky support champs like Janna and Rakan and if I go with the coin as my support item I can finish the quest reliably in 8-11 minutes when playing pve, in pvp it varies. (I run future market and generally try to back early to get Targon and boots, and sometimes refillable potion in one go) However I noticed that with Relic shield it takes me considerably longer to finish the quest. So far it seems to be around 15-17 minutes which feels way to long. I do sometimes forget to actually last hit the cannon minion for some reason so kinda need to pay more attention to that but was wondering what I'm doing wrong and what completion time I should be aiming at. And while your at it cool tank support champ sugjestions are apriciated, right now I am trying out Leona, love to play Ornn as an general tank champ and to some degree Blitz. Any tips for an tank support are more then welcome! :)
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