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Soo guys, This is a ticket I wrote to Riot, which I wanted to share with you too, hoping I'm not the only one who is annoyed about the Grading System in the after-game screen. I wrote it after I finished an ARAM game where I played Ivern and ended up with a 0-1-59 score, out of the 61 kills on our team. I ended up getting an A grade, which stunned me. I wonder what your opinions are about this matter! > Dear Riot, > > I have 2 concerns regarding the Grading system. My 1st concern is that the system seems unbalanced and unfair, secondly the lack of visibility denies players with information on why they get that specific grade after a game. > > I was wondering what else I can do to get an S ranking. The system seems so off, and it isnt really clear what you have to do to get an S grade. Attached is one of my last ARAM games, honestly I can't see why I wouldnt get an S ranking, but the system gave me an A ranking. > The unclear reasons to give a player a certain grade after a game irritates me (and I'm sure that I'm not the only one). If there was a clear reasoning behind the grading system, like you need more cs, more kills, less deaths for an S grade, it would be so much clearer. At this moment it feels so random when you get and when you don't get an S ranking, more visibility would provide players with more information and less irritation. > Besides that its unfair to judge support champions on their cs/kill ratings, and they should weigh harder on adc/apc. If I finish an ARAM game on Ivern with 59/61 kill participation and only 1 death, I cannot see why that wouldnt reward me with an S ranking. > I'm looking forward to your reply regarding those 2 topics. > > With regards, > xPurplex

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