Shaco struggle

So i started playing shaco around season 6 - 7 . I liked very much his kit because you can easly destroy their carry while massively help your team win.After that i had a little pause on him , and since 1 month ago i started playing him again.What i would do is help my team mates as hard as i can , i feed them and i feed myself , but i also get in trouble because i always get outfarmed . Always when there is any enemy jax , udyr etc , i end the game with 50 or more farm less than him , even when i win , just because i am so keen on helping my lanes that i dont really have much time to farm.I am gold 3 elo playing on EUW. I ask for you help because i dont really know what to do.. should i focus more on farm , but let my teammates without ganks ? should i start taxing lanes as much as i can when they are back ? should i split... Thank you
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