Suggestion : Give LB Passive a higher scaling CD to make her more fair to play against

Disclaimer: Yeah i dislike the Revert and prefered LeClunk as she was titeled by the very vocal part of mains that despised her. So basically i think from the Counterplay PoV the CD on her passive should scale to create bigger windows of oppertunity to get a kill on LB if she messes up. Especially in the laning phase a one minute Cooldown on an ability that is similar to Zac, Anivia and Aatrox as they give you a chance to cheat death in a broader sense is not enough. For a slippery assassin like LB who has W plus R+W post 6 as means of escape her safety net is way too high. Given the reliabilty of her kit (4/6 abilites are point and click not counting E and R+E) i think giving it a higher CD would be absolutely reasonable to give the enemy player a chance to punish her. Like 150-60 seconds on levels 1-16 or sth similar. Tl,Dr: Title of this thread Have a wonderful day.
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