Riven 1k shield at lvl 1 and huge damage

{{champion:92}} How is it fair for a champion to have 1000 health shield every second and burst me from 100-0 in less than 1 second? Why this bullshit op freelo champion hasn't been nerfed yet? I am not even counting the absurd million year AoE stun, 10000 dmg execute and mobility which makes Nidalee look like a joke. Please Rito it is time to finally nerf this champion. {{champion:92}} Toxic Riven mains always say " Riven requires skill", " Riven is hard to play champ". This is a blatant lie. You just have to smash your keyboard with your hands spread wide and there goes a pentakill with Riven while she takes 0 dmg with her 2000 health shield and mobility. Remove this piece of shit champion from the game. Pentakilling your team 1 vs 5, with huge shield and mobility, no mana with 0 skill is not balance. Or Make her shield scale with AP, remove her ult buff and execute, give her mana bar and nerf her passive damage. This will balance her completely.
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