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Hello, il keep it short. I had an INCREDIBLY bad loosing streak and fell from gold I to gold V in about 4 days . I tried everything to stop from dropping any lower but sight like this : are more than familiar. I fell so low in fact, that i am now gold V. And my mmr according to OP.GG is for Silver II. And now i win and get +15 and loose and get -25 For the last 5 days i have tried Everything to just get out of this slump: Changing Lanes, Changing Champs, Picking Meta champs, NOTHING works, i have a 50 % win - rate and with this mmr it only means I'm going down. And in the last 2 days i even started getting teams i thought i escaped from a long time ago... Meaning people who pick alistar top and go full attack speed, people who get mad that they got ganked 3 times and leave in the 5th minute of the game and never come back and that's more often than I've ever seen before. And even when i win a few games in a row i just loose it all with one loose. I wish i could just get demoted to fu cking silver so i can start climbing again... So ive been thinking, should i just make a new account and start with fresh mmr, cause it seems like I'm gonna suffer for the rest of the season. Ps. Game becoming very unpleasant...
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