10 most frustrating things in LoL

I have been playing LoL since Season 2, I've been around for a while, and what I will share what frustrates me most about this game . 1. Feed like there is no tomorrow. https://i.imgur.com/5ZeVOD2.png Fine you are losing your lane then buy potions, stay under tower and last hit as much as possible no need to jump the enemy 20 more times just to make sure you can never kill him. 2. Talking in your own language in the chat. BRO no one can understand your nonsense why do you continue talking after the whole team told you to speak English. 3: {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} mains. Every....Single .... Flipping... GAME. Why are they in every game there are over 140 Champs and those 3 are in every game guaranteed. And chances are they are the most toxic players in League. The moment something happens they instantly start spamming the chat. And if its a Riven V.S. Riven top .... oh Lord, the every single trade there is countless of lines of spam on the chat. 4: Ping spammers. *Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* *Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping**Ping* Good thing Riot finally implemented ping mute after 7 years of asking for it. 5: Diamond Smurf. OH he is Diamond smurf, look at him Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond. Omg the Diamond Is feeding , Omg the Diamond missed cs, Omg the diamond made a misplay. being Diamond doesn't mean you are the perfect God incapable of mistakes. 6: ? When you kill someone and type in the chat "?" Ok, fine, I get it you killed me no need to be smug about it. 7: Pyke {{champion:555}} Pyke is a champion that has everything. Stun,dash,big heal,stealth,pull, tons of dmg, ult reset, gives gold to champs, blink(which is the ult) 8: Tower divers Dude chill you are lvl 4 the tower can 2 shot you . You don't have to chase every kill until the end of the world And this is most commonly done by {{champion:64}} jungle. 9: Permanent Stun All the new heroes have heavy CC, back in the day most champs had slows as their cc and hard CC was a luxary now every champ has at least 1 hard CC and the backlash of that is Perma stun. Not being able to move for 2 hours. 10: When people ignore my warnings and then blame me. Yea dude I told you not to go in the enemy jungle 5 times you still went there and died. I am not going to come and help you on your suicide quest to fight 2 v 4 on lvl 3
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