The right strategy to climb Season 8 as support

Hey all, I need your help regarding the upcoming season and my support champion pool. What would you suggest for climbing the ladder by playing support? My original plan was to play Leona, Brand, Soraka and Janna to have an answer to any kind of bot matchup and team composition. So far I enjoyed every support but had the most success with Brand and Leona, because with Janna and Soraka i find myself dying too many times if we are behind, if we are in front however, I really like the impact they have mid-late. I am currently learning Janna and Soraka but I would like to have your thoughts on the best ways to climb as support? Have 1 support of any kind (heal, disengage, engage, dmg) to have a nice comp everytime or simply spam 1 or 2 supports the whole time? Other champs I enjoy playing as support are: Blitzcrank, Rakan, Karma, Braum, Thresh and Tahm Kench. So, my questions are: Which approach (spam vs. 4 champs) would you recommend a Low Elo player (Gold 5)? And which champs would you recommend for climbing as they have a lot of impact, so that I can improve with them in pre-season to get a good start in S8? Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :-)

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