Bring back opponent honoring

In my opinion, honoring opponents is possibly the purest and most friendly way of using the honor system. Well, honoring in itself is a big deal and says a lot about you whether you do it or not, because quite a lot of people never honor others, especially if they are on the losing end of the game, but in my opinion, teammate honoring is kind of biased at times. First of all, premade honoring, which is abused most of the times by most of the people, including myself, practically offers close to no progress in the honor system and could take away a potential honor to a person that was more influential to the game or was friendly and nice to play with. Also, something I noticed through the games is that the most honorable person of the winning team is the one that did the most in the game-winning teamfight, let's say you have a fed ADC that got a triple or a quad in the baron pit securing the win, boom, that guy got 3 or more honors. On the contrary, honoring opponents means you actually enjoyed playing with that individual, either because you enjoyed laning against him or you had some fun in the /all chat. You have no emotional connection to that individual aside from this game, you just met him and you feel the need to honor him for being fun or for being good at the game. From my point of view, honoring opponents is a much more respected process as there is no bias and it's all based on the whole game and your overall experience on the Rift, which is not only formed based on your team, but the enemy team as well.
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