The most annoying thing in League

No it's not teemo, no it's not the OP assassins, no it's not people "inting" or "trolling". The most annoying thing for me in this game are the people who never surrender. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Why do people insist on dragging out matches that are clearly lost for no reason? "Oh there's always a chance they will throw" yes but what's the point? Accept the fact that you lost, surrender and move on. Last game was a typical example. We were down 20 kills and lost our first inhib at 22 minutes. At this point the game is clearly not winnable so I wanted to surrender. Surprise surprise 2 people clicked no and the game dragged on. Fortunately the enemy team was far enough ahead that they ended it before we could surrender vote again, but holy crap if they had dragged the game out for another 10+ minutes I might have destroyed my PC. TL:DR when the game is clearly not winnable SURRENDER! Accept the defeat with dignity and move on rather than wasting time trying to win a lost match.
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