Promos Nightmare Story :D

Welcome to the story of Only Welsh's promos nightmare. Let me first tell you that NONE of this is made up. All of this happened, no exaggeration. I'm not doing it as a form shaming people, as I have included no names of people (apart from 1, but I was praising them). I post this on the forums to entertain you, and to let you laugh at my misfortune. Enjoy! I got placed in Bronze 5 this season, but had been able to climb to Bronze 3 reasonably quickly. I was hoping that this would be the season that I got to silver - and it was looking good up until my promotional series to Bronze 2. Let me share with you my nightmare story... **First Promos:** It's my third game. I'm 1 win, 1 loss. I get ADC and lock in Miss Fortune. All seems good until about 5 minutes in, when my Lux support dies first blood because I had backed and they kept pushing solo. They proceed to spam ping me with ? ? ? ? ? and said "why did you back?". I ignored it and carried on. A minute later they die again to a Morgana stun and Lucian combo. At this point, I see "A Summoner Has Disconnected". Brilliant. 6 Minutes in and 1 afk. The rest of our team was doing ok, and we agreed that we should carry playing as there was a chance we could 4v5. However, this dream was shattered, as at 10 minutes our midlaner also went afk. My hopes of getting to bronze 2 are destroyed. However, after failing my first promos I quickly get back to 100LP. What happens next? **Second Promos:** I only need to win 1 of my next 2 games because I got a free win from last promos' miserable failure. First game, everything is going absolutely fine and we seem to be winning. I'm playing MF again. But at about 20 minutes, the game seems to start to turn around. We realise that in every team fight, our Teemo is farming top. In fact, they haven't left top lane the entire game apart from to go back to base. The team politely asks them to contribute to the teamfights, but they respond by calling us all noobs and then we all see this: "A Summoner Has Disconnected". Game 1 lost. I feel OK going in to the second game - I wasn't that tilted from the last one. That was about to change. In champion select, our support calls Leona and our top Yasuo. Leona bans Yasuo, not seeing that they wanted to play him. The would-be Yasuo player says "wtf" and bans Leona. However, both people pick new champs - Xin Zhao and Bard. The dispute seems to have settled, until we get in game and Bard starts running it down bot lane. Literally. They were 1/16 at 20 minutes (when we surrendered). We could have won if Bard didn't feed, because all the other lanes were doing fine. But the enemy Teemo ADC got so fed that they pretty much solo carried. Second Promos lost. It may have seemed like all hope was lost - but I once again got back to 100LP within a week. **Third Promos:** I have the free win, but lose the first game because a Mastery 7 Lee Sin kicked our entire teams' ass (If you're reading this mouadiiox, GGWP). I get into champ select for the second game and our support goes "Autofill wtf", followed by "I'm so bad at supp". I'm jungle, and try to reassure them that if they play safe I will camp bot. However, they take this as an insult (for some reason) and say "I'm trolling". They lock in Miss Fortune. Meanwhile the entire team is going "someone dodge". I try to tell people that I'm in the final game of my promos and can't dodge because I will lose, but nobody dodges. We get in game, and our Caitlyn ADC instantly flashes and heals, before spamming chat with "LIBHJDFNO" "IHUJDFOUIHJBSDFIHKDNS" "FOIDSHJBNJKOIDUHJKSNFOJ" etc. The MF actually doesn't troll and tries to play, but the Caitlyn is following me around the jungle trying to steal my camps. Top lane is 0/3 by 5 minutes, and blames it on me, the jungler (classic). We're all so tilted that we agree to open mid, and I take the time to sell all my items and test out AP lee sin on the bot lane minion wave. Promos number 3: Lost. Well, that's my story. As I write this, I'm Bronze 3 64LP. I thought that it would be fun to share my promos nightmare with everyone. It was quite therapeutic writing this - it feels like screaming into my pillow, but writing. Btw, is there some kind of test in your promos? Do you have to win with an intentional feeder? Do you have to win a 4v5? Just wondering, because at the moment it sure feels like it :D Hope you guys enjoyed it! Ya boi, Only Welsh

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