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So, since they came out... I rarely see them in game. Usually only the thumbs up. My guess is that most people only have the emote page filled with only thumbs up, not wanting to buy more because why spend money on an emote when you can spend it on a skin? Emotes cost 450 RP, with the exception of the BE ones that can only be purchased if you played the game for 5/6 years... (I'm exagerating on purpose here) Let's call them Bemotes. I haven't bought one yet and I don't plan to, like I said when they first came out and I thought they were overpriced WITH the discount. Skins can be bought for cheaper sometimes. Some questions I have that you could maybe answer to start a discussion: How do you gg's (guys and gals) see this. I don't play in any elo yet. Is it different in elos? Do you see more of the commited players using them? Is this a cash grab doomed to fail? I see Riot changing this in the future. Do you? Do you think you should be able to buy them all with BE as well as RP? Have you gotten any from level up chests? If so, which ones and do you use them?
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