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One question i see people in gold and plat even playing vs silvers and other golds playing in flex and am slowly losing my mind.HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE GOLD?i mean elo boost is an option too but watchng their match histories this players have the worst possible scores but they get carried by another teammate now i dont really care if they had a bad game ,lag ,freaking their cat jumped on their keyboard but this players dont deserve to be gold. Riot needs to find a system to promoted good play and punish bad just getting carried every game shouldnt be a way to reach gold or any other rank in LoL i had a team cursing me cuz i died as rengar glass cannon trying to one shot 3 people ( which i did) and they would die from a random skill shot and then blame me for starting the fight I MEAN HELLO? just say sorry am a greedy %%%% and blame youself....eune players i love it. Am 100% sure that Riot was like ok we need a server for this useless players what should we doooooooooo hmmmmmmmm.YES MAKE A SERVER FOR THEM only %%%%%%s. I love it mute all 1v9 every game dont even think about talking to your team you will just get flamed^^
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