Ornn Passive - Please don't upgrade the items automatically.

It is great to have the ability to have 2 upgraded Items for free, but please let the player choose which Items he wants to upgrade. The Scenario: In Game against an AD Lane Opponent the standard build is to go Frozen Gauntlet first. Your team has a lot of magic damage, so you build an Abyssal Mask for the passive. Later in the game you also decide to build a Sunfire Cape. With the old Passive you could decide which Item you want to upgrade. With the new Passive Frozen Gauntlet and Abyssal Mask get upgraded. Statwise upgrading Sunfire Cape would be a lot better than upgrading Frozen Gauntlet, as you get HP instead of Mana. The only way to get an upgraded Sunfire Cape now, without changing your item build, is to sell the Frozen Gauntlet and rebuy it after a second.
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