Season 8 is the worst season ever becuase the 80% of League champions are unplayable because of meta

Other seasons were more fun and less toxic. For me ,this season is the worst season ever . Seeing my champions that i put tons of hours to learn them because i had mostly fun with them like Shen and Rengar being almost unplayable, its one of the worst thing that ever happened to me but it's not only me. Other players in League have left because their mains have been unplayable for them because the meta doesnt want them and if they try to play with those champs on this meta, they usually feed. When i started performing bad with my champions (start of season 8) i told to my self that its my fault that i cannot adapt. I tried to re-learn them, i tried to perform as well as i could, but nothing. Then i considered that the meta doesnt want those champs and instead it prefers some no-skill champs that are easy to play with so people can climb with for example Talon, Brand, Yasuo, Orianna, Garen, Jax, Gankplang. I deny to adapt on this meta by playing those champs but i deny to see many champions unplayable.I play ranked for fun and i play League for fun. Fun for me in League is to put your efforts on champs that you like to play with so you can be good with them, but when they have been unplayable for so long that even someone that has so much experience with those champs cannot do much but only feeding with them, then the efforts are considered as wasted time and you just want to give up and quit, Theres a reason that why there are so many champions in League, and i know that its hard for some of them to be playable but at least make the most of them playable and stop overnerfing them. I give a last chance to League. If i won't see buffs on those champs (not for my mains only) then i will leave like the most of them did.
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