How to stop getting junglers who feed my lane.

It happened, 3 games in a row today! First time i was mad, but sucked it up. Second time i threw a huge tantrum upon my Hecarim for doing me this "favor", but decided to stay in the game since our midlaner was in the 5th promo game, so i was playing this game more for him and less for myself. The third game broke the camel's back and is currently going on. Hopefully my jungler is as mad because of playing 4v5 as i am. Maybe he WILL LEARN. I know i have asked this question several dozens times on this board already. never got a proper answer. Junglers do nto listen to my pings when i inform them that ganking enviorment is unfavorable. They gank into huge minion waves. They refuse to respect the fact that the enemy laner has ignite and try to do shiit with 35% HP. Feeder in other lanes ultimately destroys the game, but at least leaves the laning phase to have a bit of fun. Such a jungler comes and ruins every bit of fun, including the laning phase. HOW TO PREVENT THIS?!?!?!
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