"We want the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences so we can keep queues healthy"

**So... ** Blind pick is "healthy"? Yasuo vs Yasuo every game is "unique"? People fighting with their teammates over a role is "healthy"? Having no support most games is "healthy"? 2 top, 2 jungler or 2 adc is "healthy"? Having a troll in most games is "healthy"? Not having the option to counterpick is "healthy"? People playing the FOTM champ every single game is "healthy" and "unique"? Having no way to pick around the enemy team comp is "healthy"? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} RIot, keep your precious aids-iduced Blind pick, but we NEED Draft pick in this game! We cannot, and WILL NOT stand League degrading back to it's 2012 state! **Sincerely, every server that's not NA/EUW/BR. Because you forget other servers exist too.** _**Almighty.**_
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