An advice on how to improve ranked games experience for every one.

What if. Just if. Riot made it so you can't pick a champion in ranked unless you have him on a certain mastery level ? Because I am sick of having people going 0/5 or even worse because they picked a champion they played like 5 times in their entire life. Make a certain mastery point requirement or SOMETHING to prevent people from first timing champions in rankeds. PLEASE ! I have had it with these people man. I get a panic attack every time I see some one not wearing a skin (it means nothing I know) and then click their portrait and see they have like 3k mastery on that champion. And then make a requirement to have I don't know 15 champions on 50k mastery or higher to be able to join in a ranked game, something like we already have with minimum owned champions required for a ranked game ?
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