Reminder: We still want and need Normal Draft! **It's the same story over and over since 2012.** We are are tired of seeing teammates start a fight before even the game has begun! We are tired of seeing instalocking! We are tired of seeing 2 Yasuos every single game. We are tired of whining children ruining the game experience for all of us, because they didn't get their role. We are tired of seeing teams without a support, because _"support is a girly role and supports deal no damage and buying Sightstone is hard."_. Blind Pick is NOT, and will NEVER be a healthy enviroment! ___ Now, i understand that some of you like the freedom of Blind pick. And i understand that for some of you Normal Blind is the only place where you can play your edgy tryhard wind champion. But some of us like a more organised match. And nobody, and i mean NOBODY deserves to be raged at in Champion select. Some of us used Normal Draft as a practice arena for Ranked games. Something Normal Blind will NEVER be trully good for. Not only because counterpicking is impossible, but because now, the map themes are different. _(I know the winter map dissapears on January the 9th)_ Some of us have special rune pages that we use against certain champions. Selecting the correct special Rune page is IMPOSSIBLE in Normal Blind. The same goes for Masteries. Sometimes we need to take defencive msteries against certain lane oponents. In Normal Blind that's not an option, because you never know what you'll be matched against. ___ Normal Draft needs to once again exist alongside Normal Blind! _Sincerely, the EUNE server. A.KA your least loved child._ _**Almighty.**_
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