Traits/Enchantments on Summoner Spells

Hey all i have no idea if there was an idea like that before ( pretty sure there must be one) but remember when we could upgrade our boots and get certain effects like home guard, CDR on TP. right now we have a lot of options in league for builds right now so why not make it possible to pick a trait or enchantment for summoner spells.? here are some of the Examples i cam up with: Clarity: Wisdom: increases your mana reg by 40% for one minute. Clarity: Overflow: for the next 3 seconds Mana costs are reduced to 0. Ghost: Light foot: While Ghost is active Slow Effects are 50% Weaker. Ghost: Homecoming: Moving towards an Allied Unit or Structure Increases Ghosts from 28-45% (depending on Champion level) to 32-50% (depending on champion level) if the unit is withing 3000 range. Heal: Emergency: After heal is Casted store 5% of your maximum Health on a second cast (Heals Cooldown is not affected by Emergency. Emergency will not be castable if Heals cooldown is 80s or lower) Heal: Recovery: Restore 10% of your max Health over 1 minute. Barrier: Overload: if the Damage Taken Exceeds the Shield the Damage will be reduced to the value of the Shield.(Increase Barriers Cooldown by 40s) Barrier: equilibrium: Barrier Creates a Shield and a Spell Shield shielding your hero for 250 damage. those shields can stack to a total amount of 500 if the Damage income is magic. Exhaust: Fragile: During the Effect No skills can be cast ( excluding Summoner Spells) Exhaust: Stiff: Exhausts Effect is reduced to 1.25s however the target becomes stiff and is not able to do anything withing those 1.25s. (Summoner spells included) Cleanse: Overmind: you become immune to Disables however the effect duration is reduced to 1.5s Cleanse: Reflection: after cleansing you release a shockwave (similar to Vladimirs E) that reduces the movement speed of all target hits by 90% for 1s. this effect only occurs if a Disability was cleansed. Teleport: Void hole: After teleporting you leave behind a Void Area (Size as big as Karthus E) for the Rest of the game (the Max amount of Areas are 3 exceeding this limit will lead to closing the first hole.) When the Next teleport Location is within the Void hole your Channeling time is reduced to 2s. Teleport: Reluctant Choice: Canceling Teleport will improve the next Teleportation Giving you an Immunity to Disabilities while casting and reducing the channel time to 2s. Flash: destabilization: after you flashed you become immune to damage for 0.5s Flash: Blink: Flash Range is reduced to 250 and the cooldown to 180s. Ignite: incineration: Your Target burns Quicker reducing the total time from 5s to 3s. Ignite: Burned: Killing a target with ignite will leave a Permanent Debuff "Burned" Igniting a Burned Target will consume the Debuff and deal the total amount of damage (depending on champions level) in an instant. (Targets that get killed with the Burned effet will not get Burned again. thy can receive the debuff again if they die to ignite.) Burned can only be triggered by the igniting of the killer. Example: having 2 ignites in the team if champion A kills the target with igniteChampion B will not trigger Burned. however killing the target with the ignite of Champion B will rewrite the Burned from A to B. Smite: Execution: Smite has a 30% Chance to instantly kill the Target (Minion and Non-epic Monsters) Smite: Mercy: Smiting Non-Epic Monsters will deal half of Smite's Dame. however, the camp will respawn 50% quicker (Buffs Excluded) Recharge time is reduced to 50s. tell me what you guys think of this idea, i think this would bring some huge changes in both gameplay and champion picks.
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