Mastery 7 Exclusive Skins

The new mastery 6 and 7 system is great (aside from the ridiculous blue dust cost and the ridiculously slow key drop rate) but it feels like riot have missed something amazing out. Having spent 1100 blue dust I feel that it would be justified and rewarding to get a skin that is exclusively for getting mastery 7 on that champ. My personal desire for this stems from my distaste for the only lux skin that really changes anything (Star Guardian). I would really like some sort of Arch mage Lux as a mastery 7 Exclusive. I was thinking dark robes and bright green particle effects with maybe a glowing sceptre. Something more mature and less bubbly and colourful. I'm sure that many share this feeling when getting a champion to mastery 7 (after weeks of waiting for enough champion shards to level up their mains) and finding that they don't like any of the legendary or ultimate skins for the champion in question. It would add so much to the sense of achievement, something that for many doesn't warrant the price tag.
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