disable new champs in ranked

I'm so sick of all these salty people trolling games cause u ban a new champ in ranked that they haven't practiced enough and u have no idea how to play with. I'm so sick of people gloating in all chat cause they cheesed their lane opponent with a freshly released champ as if it was skill and not abuse of inexperience that got them ahead. I know this is being discussed in forums every time a new champ gets releases, but it should continue like that until riot finally adresses this issue. The only reason they haven't done it is money, people might not buy a champ day1 with skin in the bundle if they can only play it in normals, but it showcases riot games priorities. Instead of nurturing a healthy game enviroment, they let people suffer through this for their gain. Give people at least a 3 day buffer where everyone can familiarize with the gameplay of a new champion, don't make us waste bans and ignite rage in people that get mad for not being able to play what they just dropped money on. It is just reasonable to not have to face this bs every 2 months when a new champ drops.
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