OP champions (free cookies inside)

I feel that in top, {{champion:54}} ,{{champion:106}} and {{champion:114}} (whose DPS is too high) are quite strong at the moment. In mid, {{champion:42}} (before the nerf), {{champion:90}} due to his skill cap compared to single target damage, {{champion:91}}/{{champion:238}} with the new item and {{champion:99}} (not OP, just a very reliable and safe pick). As ADC, {{champion:96}} is OP since his W got buffed and Blue {{champion:81}} is still a big thing. For Junglers, {{champion:5}} is very powerful, {{champion:32}}'s utility is great and {{champion:107}} can still one-shot an ADC in less than half a second. In your opinion, who are the most overpowered champs? _(Ps. I lied about the cookies)_ _Edit: Also, does anyone mind if I mention {{champion:122}} for just being a bit too ... well everything... after patch (was it?) 5.13_
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