Aurelion sol Buff

I've mained Aurelion Sol for a long time and do carry in most of my games, but Aurelion Sol in general is very weak. Even people in the media make a lot of jokes and memes about him because he seems strong but in reality, he's just too weak. His ultimate doesn't do much damage. I've missed a lot of kills where the enemy is very low, and they're still alive after my ult. I heard many people saying "Dragon flying over walls explodes a supernova galaxy and does 198 damage". A champion like Aurelion Sol has a very low play and win rate, because people know he is weak. One of his weaknesses is that he can't counter assassins easily because they don't get hit by the stars neither does the q explode immediately. I really hope he gets buffed and I am sure his play and win rate would significantly increase...

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