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Up until now League always tried to provide fast queues. Especially the "auto-fill" option makes that possible but also ruins a lot of games. Yes i have seem some videos on the propably new ranking system but since its not here yet or there is no real proof it will come anytime soon i wanna talk about my experience with the matchmaking and queue system. I would love to see a lot more options when it comes to queueing up and i assume a lot of other ppl do too. First and foremost, allow us to disable autofill and/or even the offrole. Give us an option that disables any player who went afk within the last 7 days and/or had a penalty within the last 7 days to join our team, for fairness also the enemys team. Also allow us to join a "game voice chat" so we can actually communicate. Disable champions that have not reached mastery lvl 3 from ranked. (Basically eliminate "i got autofilled and didnt know what to pick" situations, also limits trolls) I will happily wait 20minutes to get into enjoyable good games where everyone gives it their best. Have a good day and keep up the grind o/
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