Made it to gold! :-)

Been playing LoL for approx. 5 years now, and never had the will or want to get ranked. However this season, in the past two months-ish, I decided to give it a shot. Went 7-3 in my placements, and put into Silver I. I was happy with that, and due to a lot of real life stuff, hadn't had time to play any more. This weekend I got a bit of time, and decided to just go crazy and aim for gold before season end. I won my first game quite well, was happy...then had 3/4 crushing defeats. I feared demotion, but luckily avoided it. Numerous games later, a mostly positive climb and some great teams later - and I made it! Gold V ^_^ I know this probably doesn't seem like a *huge* achievement, but I set myself that goal and made it - happy to end the season now and get a shiny gold border next season! :-D I dunno how many of my team mates read the boards, but thank you! Without your help and efforts, this wouldn't have happened.
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