Give us that option already

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's those perma titled socially inept little shits this game seem to foster by the thousands, who start spamming their anal negativity even in games where you have a small lead or it's 100% even. Why for the love of god, is there _**still**_ no option in the client, to permanently disable you chat? It's ultra rare that I have a game without watching atleast 1 (Usually it's several) people spamming chat with the most useless crap, I get that you can mute those players and move on, but CMON. I shouldn't have to mute everyone manually every game just to make sure I don't have my screen cluttered with their idiotic juvenile garbage. It's an option I am asking for, that means YOU don't have to use it, but some of us would like to have that option, pings are advanced enough to sort the communication.
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