something is wrong with the matchmaking queue season 9.

as the title suggests i feel that smth is wrong regarding on who we play with. i had 20 games currently as a jungle and i think more then 80% of them i did just fine with over 60% me being the ace on teams that have 0/12 lanes smh. ofc we lost. i feel as if sometimes nomatter how good you play you are in riots naughty children list therefore you get no real teamamtes as a win. im not gonna say i dont have bad games but curently at the time im writing this im performing really great to loose so much. currently ranked gold but ive seen silver or even bronze teamates be better so much that sometimes i think low elo ranks does not matter anymore its just a coin flip . cant talk much about high elo since i have yet to reach there. i know im some elo guy to the ones who will reply this so ill just say that i dont need to be challenger to get some wins in my own rank do right? thank you all.

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