How can a support main get out of lower elo ?

Long post Hi there, I'm a Silver III support ({{champion:37}},{{champion:12}} ) main and I need help... I'll be talking about my Sona games . I make mistakes and I'm not saying that I play perfectly Lately I started a big ranked losing steak and I have no idea why (might be that I played tanky Sona earlyer but I doubt it ) I can hold a lane with a less than average adc and stomp it with a good one ( only lost when they have a better support/adc) . I poke and peel whenever I can and heal when needed. Drake and bot are always warded and I try to shotcall from time to time. When I die it's (25% of the time) to protect the carry, (25%) caught warding mid game , (50%) Skirmishes and teamfights. I try to feed the adc but sometimes I need to secure the kill (no gap closers or flash down). Even when my adc and me do good other lanes tend to throw (I.E top Yasuo goes 4/17 and feeds ). Most of the teamfights are lost because the team has bad focus ( I ult the a crowd ( {{champion:37}} 3 most of the time ) so that they can't grab our carry and my team can reposition and pick off the ones that are not stunned while the heavy CC is stunned ...but team focuses the ones that are stunned regardless of are the jungle or a tank (I try to stun them so that my team can't get stunned). I know when to use {{summoner:3}} and my passive with W. So any tips for climbing Solo Q without a duo partner ? What can I improve ? I heard imaqtpie said that to win low elo as a support you need to win your lane but I don't belive that...
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