Ok now I'm gonna get a tonne of down votes from the high level players and I'm ok with that. I used to be more hardcore, now I'm less so due to family commitments. I don't like normal mode cos of all the trolls and stupid players so I like ranked much more. I think right now the game feels a bit off for lower level players or for casual players like myself. I have one reason for this and that's balancing. Let me clarify what I think of as balanced. Balance implies that 2 sides are more or less even. With a champion pool so large I can see how this is a challenge. Elo helps, the idea that you take players average performance and group them up/pit them against players of a similar level, not rocket science there when the system works that is. Taking all this into account I don't think "snowballs" should happen as much as they do. Dynamic queue these days feels like, the enemy has a certain champ and they got a couple of early kills by hook or by crook, well that's game over in 5 mins or so. League has always been snowball heavy but with current unkillable life steal mages and high damage bruiser tanks it feels pretty silly. I want to reiterate here I'm taking casual play at bronze/silver maybe gold level. I know that as op a champ is, with the correct counters and teamwork nothing is unbeatable and I respect that but you try pulling that off in low level dynamic queue. People choose champs they like, not champs that counter, that's if they are skilled/practised enough to counter effectively anyway. Take 2 amateur level football teams, I expect to see a bunch of mistakes, fouls and more goals than you see in a professional league match but I would be surprised to see one team win 27-0. I feel the same way when the enemy mid laner/jungled etc has 27 kills when everyone else has maybe 5. When they can basically look at from a distance you die out of fear. Not saying riot need to fix this, I wouldn't even know where to start, just interested in the community views about it.

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