(Feedback) Nexus Blitz (:

I. FRIGGIN. LOVE IT!! short, packed with action and exciting wild random events! PLS RITO GEMS, keep it forever! it never gets dull D: ♥ Although somethings need fixing: 1- the prize fight (Arena 2v2): pls make it so that everyone gets their ults back when the event starts, it's painful to see our ''UltLess'' vayne and ashe fighting against 2 assassins ready to pop them up :') 2- Bardle Royale _**paranoia**_, do something about it, i don't know xD it's too frustrating 3- Poro king: MORE PORO servants around him pretty PLEASE o_o ♥ would be halarious if they came if diffrent skins, the icons :') (Star guaurdian poros, mafia, astro, baron poro etc...) 4- the look of the map, i know it's a temporary work in progress, but it would be super sweet if it featured a place or city from runeterra! a place other than Summoner's rift and the shadow isles, Bandle City perhaps? :D or IONIAn Forests :O 5- The Snowdown tokens (with the pass), they feel a bit underwhelming, unlike world's tokens, you don't get bonus ones here if u get A+ or S- S S+ performance in game :'( AND while we're here, why not Twisted treeline? why can't we get tokens there too?? other than that, i ADORE the mode! ♥__♥ {{sticker:sg-jinx}}

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