Popping Balloons is funnier than this BS

Long story short, I've been playing since Season 3 and I've seen everything since then. All I've gotta say, is that THIS GAME BECAME SO EXTREMELY BORING I'm retiring. I've spent TONS OF MONEY in some stuff that got literally removed or changed. Let's begin with the rework of the champs to buying skins for a game that got completely replaced by another one. Basically, this current game as we have it right now, IS NOT the game I suffered for and spent so much effort and money to build up something on it. Let's begin with all your f**k-ups, sad company. 1. Your current gameplay is ABSURD and BORING. Maybe depends on who plays it, there a lot of bronze souls who enjoyed the meta since it was easier for them to climb because it doesn't require any skills as we needed back then. This point is more dedicated to ADC players. 2. Your game has up to 140 champions, which depending on your badly done patches, only 40 are playable. What about those who play the game because they enjoy certain champions that you decide to destroy and make them unable to be played without getting stranded behind? 3. Again let's talk about this point, ONESHOT or ABSURD DAMAGE. Why? Simply, why? You wanted to make competitive matches faster or what do you exactly seek with this stupid "mechanic"? What is the point of a UNFED champion oneshotting other champions? Why a m**********g low level Kha'zix, or Rengar or any other champion of that kind, can destroy a squishy midlaner or AD carry at level 3? Whats up with the smack the keyboard to win? 4. Mechanics used to be the main reason I played the game, I loved to see sick plays of one player taking down everyone kiting and dodging, or greatly complicated amazing combos, but now... now... SMACK THE KEYBOARD YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA. What the hell? Even Lee sin, who I've considered the hardest champion back then, or Vayne, turned into crap because of the abusive damage... nice. 5. Backing up the previous point, RIOT is just trying to make the game easy and playable by anyone, he wants to attract new players by the cost of scamming oldschool ones, turning this game slowly into some kind of Fortnite, as we've seen in some official posts, RIOT is jealous and angry at them for being a successful game, saying in an official post _"Oh oh apparently to make a game nowadays it must be battle royale oh oh"_ what an... immature company. 6. PLUS, AND IMPORTANT POINT. Whats the point of competitive if you're making the game easy and playable by anyone? If I'm better mechanically, I'm better mechanically AND YOU SHOULDN'T CHANGE THE CHAMPION TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T HANDLE THE COMBO, as you've done for countless champions (Azir, Alistar, Etc...). But yeah, you're changing EVERYTHING to become easy to play and most important - overpowered. Really now, nice joke when you reworked LeBlanc and found out she required more skills, so you decided to rollback to her previous ability set, lmao. 7. Every season I think this game can't be worse, but you always, ALWAYS surprise me with something new. The recent example is, when you added lethality, you were so so glad to turn assasins champions into oneshotting tools, but then in season 8 you've realised that wasn't enough, so what you do? HEY HOW ABOUT CHAMPIONS THAT CAN ONESHOT WITHOUT DAMAGE ITEMS? YEAH! GOOD IDEA! PROMOTED TO BALANCE TEAM LEADER! GOOD JOB!, basically season 8 in a nutshell. 8. I'd rather pop balloons than play your boring meta, and thats why MANY PLAYERS are quitting, you forced many players to stop playing because this game doesn't require any skills anymore, and anyone can just destroy you by looking at you, I used to main ADC and forcefully had to move to the jungle, and now forcefully had to move to support to play Thresh because these champions are the only ones that keep me entertained since they require a bit of skill still, BUT HEY YOU GOTTA FACE A PYKE HAHAH ONESHOT! 9. So, basically im not enjoying your game because you pushed me to play things I don't want to, in ways I don't want to. Thats why, I'm GONE. And I'm not playing this s**t anymore, even if you fix this, its too late, 3 entire seasons of pure stupidity coming from your dev team consumed me and my mental health. I'm not dropping more IQ points with you and your community RIOT, probably will play your new game you're planning to release but don't expect me to waste money on it, because I know even if I end up loving it, you will destroy it eventually as you've did with League of Legends. 10. And I hope, I really hope, you pay hard for what you've done to millions of players. Bye. P.S - Stop crying to youtubers to bring newcomers to your game as a preventive solution. Everyone will end up in your arch-enemy Fortnite. P.S 2 - I really bet you'll remove the post because truth hurts.
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