A small tweak on the new role selection

Previously I've posted a thread where I asked if there is any punishment for players that select one role to queue up, but once they get in the champ selection they pick other role regardless of what they get, and one guy mentioned that we can report those players. Now I don't know if that's correct or not, but if it is, then I would like to propose a suggestion that might improve the new system (specifically the wait time). Since the fill role mainly picks supports, and since supports is the least played role, why not give rewards to people that queue as the least played role? That way more people will be motivated to play it, and queue time will drastically decrease. Those rewards can be really small, but in long term significant. I am thinking something towards extra IP, either percentage or flat (like 10-20) per match played as that roll. Or maybe something with the new key-chest system. Extra key fragments or whatever there is. (These rewards won't be ONLY for support, but whichever role lacks players.)
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