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Interested in other support mains opinions. This is regarding the current pbe changes to Rakan. (Overall I believe them to be an unwelcome nerf.) **PBE Proposed changes - ** **Gleaming Quill (Q) ** ~range increased by 100 **Grand Entrance (W)** Damage increased from 70/110/150/190/230 to 70/115/160/205/250 **Battle Dance (E) **shield lowered from 50//85/120/155/190 to 50/75/100/125/150 " Pretty sure this will end up nerfing the win rate of the better win rate rakan players and buffing the people with a lower win rate. Q is a really bad thing to max because the heal scales off of level while his shield was worth leveling because of how strong it was when used properly. This will encourage poke play when the range of the q shouldn't matter, I personally tend to use it after I go in with w, press q on the cc'd target, e back to an ally. You increase the range of it and, well, I was firing it point blank anyway. It's nice that it will give you better ability to sustain in lane, but sustain isn't something rakan should have in the early game because you have really good engage and disengage tools. (I think this is why they gated the heal by making it scale off of level). This is just a way of making bad plays less punishing, which, tbh, you should be punished for making a bad engage. Increasing the damage on his W isn't bad, but the increases only come from maxing it, which will come in the mid/late game and an extra 20 damage is going to feel like a very middling thing. Then the change which is going to have the most impact on rakan is the nerfs to his E. (Which any decent rakan player should be skilling first.) Here is where you lose 40 points off the shield, which when used correctly is an 88 hp hit in the early game. (2 shields and wind speakers.) 88hp loss from the shield early will lose you the lane. The "buff" to mid game damage is going to feel negligible and 100 range buff to q will try to let rakan off the hook for bad engages. Overall I'm hoping for a revert or some other changes to his kit because this will probably keep rakans win rate at 46%,(next to taliyah and nunu support,) but will bring the outliers of his win rate into a tighter cluster around that 46%, bad rakan players will be forgiven, good rakan players will be nerfed. :( " A copy pasta from the rakan mains subreddit {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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