How do i improve enough to consistently solo carry?

So my situation is of the usual bronze players, i cant get out of it, But i understand that the reason i'm in bronze is a lack of skill on my part. If i was good enough i wouldn't be in bronze. So my goal is to play all my games with the intention of improving, and to eventually climb. I really need some advice on general gameplay decision making and mechanics. I main the mid lane with my secondary being the toplane. My midlane main champions are zed, yasuo and leblanc, and my top champions are yasuo and ekko. I feel like of those champions yasuo and ekko may be my best bets for solocarrying so i would like some tips on improving with them specifically Side question- To high elo players, were you always good at the game or did you have to climb out of low elo, and if you did how exactly did you manage it? TL;DR I need tips on improving my mechanics and decision making Any help is much appreciated
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