Assasin rework (ZED NERF)

Firstly I would like to mention Zed had 8th lowest winrate among all champions last month (about 46% only), he was not picked or banned any time on Worlds this seasson because there are many better picks for mid lane, BUT Riot simply going to NERF him massively in assasin rework. I really dont know why and I simply dont understand it. I can not see any reasson for that nerf, which will be actually 4th Zed nerf in a row I think. Each player with decent amount of knowlege knows Zed can be counterpicked and there are many counterplays against him (Zonia, build tanky, Peel from supports like Janna - q,e, R ..etc.) Riot said Zed is most healthy looking assasin in a game, but only Zed is getting pure nerf in assasin rework = Riot logic. All other assasins included in assasin rework seems to be even stronger than they were before rework and some of them seems to be really broken, so i dont know what to think about this. Zed will be far behind all other AD assasins after this rework come live. He is getting "q" damage nerfed, "e" damage nerfed, "e" cooldown nerfed and completely removed passive from his "w" which is 20% AD bonus. He is also getting few minor buffs like 10 more energy restored from dual hitting by abilities and 0.5 sec longer "w" duration and new passive bonus on ultimate which is not too strong. His new passive bonus on ultimate provides him some minor AD bonus after he kill target by his ultimate, but it is only 5+ (5%/10%/15% of target´s total AD). But he lost his "w" passive bonus which means like +67 AD on max rank "w" and max build. If he wants to get same amount of AD from this new ultimate passive, he have to kill by his ultimate target who has like 460+ AD and there are only few champions who having this much AD (like Jhin for example). So in conclusion he is getting nerfed his 2 main sources of damage ("q" and "e"), removed his safe AD bonus ("w" passive) and he is also getting few cosmetic buffs like 10 energy restore and 0.5 sec longer "w" shadow and that new ultimate passive from which you get like +30-40 AD in late game (unless you kill some fully built Jhin). So as you can see, it is definitelly NERF big enough to make Zed even less succesfull and make him have even lower winrate in future. I did not even mention nearly all his core items will be nerfed in assasin rework, so this is practically another nerf for him. Also flat armor penetration is reworked to lethality which is literally weaker version of flat armor penetration which doesnt allow you snowball hardly and snowballing is main purpose of flat armor penetration. My point is I simply dont understant purpose of Nerfing champion who already has that low winrate and who is as Riot said "most healthy looking assasin". This nerf will affect Zed´s early, middle and late game as well so we canot talk about some distributing his powers, it is simply NERF. As a Zed main I am really upset from this happening after all that time I spent for playing as Zed and getting skilled as Zed. {{champion:238}}
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