AD Carries are underperforming.

Hi guys. Why do i have the vibe that AD Carries most of the games are underperforming and it isn't worth playing that role ? First to say , i am not ADC main but i understand the mechanics of this role and in addition i feel myself as a decent player. It doesn't matter if i play ADC or not , most of the time the games are decided by the Fighters , Mages and Tanks. I cant count how much time i've been playing as ADC , having good CS and some kills , in addition a good Support :) And guess what ? Even with good positioning and peeling from my team the enemy Mage , Fighter / Juggernaut manages to catch my A*S and blow me up like nothing happenned. I've done the experiment by swapping the ADC on bot lane as some other *Carry* champion with consistent damage or carry potential like Yasuo , Swain , Veigar even LeBlanc and they are performing much better for unknown reasons. Glad to see your opinions guys :) Current devision: Plat
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