Buff Lethal Tempo --> Remove Hail of Blades ---> Move Conqueror to Domination tree

Lethal Tempo is cool, and needs some buffs to help out lategame hypercarry adcs like Tristana, Kogmaw, Jinx and Caitlyn. Ik Caitlyn is already making a comeback, botlane sucks when Cait is too good, so they'll need to deal with her. Jinx will need a little dampening to her scaling also (would be cool if they find a way to incentivise going Manamune on her, as she was initially designed to build it I think) Hail of blades is weird, it's like Lethal Tempo but more situational. Unnecessary and boring keystone, and I can't think of any way to make it useful and fun without changing it completely. Just kill it please, was a decent try but it clearly failed. Just the name 'Conqueror' more evokes the thematic of Domination. Healing, true damage and damage buffs all align more with the other runes in the Domination treeline, imo. Will solve the issue of Conqueror/Resolve being too good, as bruiser champs will most likely take Precision secondary, crucially denying them access to Bone Plating. Mages that synergise with Conqueror such as Katarina will love this change, as they don't really like taking Precision primary since they get nothing from the second row runes. Cherry on the cake, we'll be back to a nice and comfy 3 Keystones per treeline!
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