BE and Mastery

I've had these feelings for a while now and i think it's time to discuss them. I'm well aware that around the time of the IP-BE changeover happened a lot of people complained about the severe drop from earning IP to earning BE and Riot heard these complaints and threw the community a bone in the way of BE in the first win mission. This along with levelling rewards has been adequate in allowing people to flesh out their champion pools, however there is an issue arising that has become more and more present over time. Mastery upgrades are far too expensive with BE. People shouldn't be made to feel punished for playing a champion that they can't earn 7 tokens on because they can't afford to get 6 tokens on. I don't know what should be done to change this but i feel like it should be opened to discussion. I believe players should be given more BE and i'm aware part of the reason they haven't given us more is probably because they don't want to make the BE shop 'too' affordable but AT LEAST give higher BE earning rate to people who don't own ALL the champions. At least that's what i think should happen. It's up for discussion so share your thoughts, agree, disagree, why, why not.
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