Nunu nice champ .... but it has one little problem.

I played like 2 games today already. and both those games had nunu in it. the thing is they were not as jungle but as bot and top. and they just walked around with there huge snowball. kinda griefing. i was luckely not in their team. so i won free lp i geuss, butt still it is not fun. i like the champs desing and all, its been a long time i said that about a champ. but the problem is the champ is kinda troll like. there will many trolls with nunu now that just walk around with the huge snowball they make and go full ap . but its kinda useless because the pick is easely countered by anivia's wall. still not fun for the team that you have 1 guy walking around trying to oneshot with the snowbaal it makes it a 4 v 5. maybe look into it and try solving the trolling part about the champ. for the rest finnally a good champ desing riot finally. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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