Yasuo Ult Range

Or better: "Yasuo ult distance", cant edit. Besides Yasuo being a busted piece of garbage (I know there will be some Yasuo mains here throwing shit at me - leave without a comment, this is my post you scum), his ult is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. Just had a game where he would ult my Jhin from three times his auto attack range away. Actually he did it once over the wall at the t2 red side mid tower. The big one to the top left. Don't get me wrong, he didn't dash over it. Yasuo was on the one side, Jhin on the other. So Jhin was exactly next to the tower and Yasuo was out of tower range over the wall. Great stuff riot. Free to play game? I should totally get paid for this. I wouldn't actually consider this as a bug, becuase if so, then the whole champ is a bug.
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