Champion Mastery Tier V should unlock Ranked Play

I know this sounds like a bad idea but it would cut out trolling and give peace of mind to the team that, that person actually knows how to PLAY the champion they are using in ranked. Lots of people watch the LCS just to see what champ they are going to auto-lock in the next game and its annoying as all hell watching them feed. WoW does this now as you need to pass the "proving grounds" in order to take a character into Heroic Raids and it proves that person actually knows how to PLAY their class. Why can't the same thing work in League where you MUST reach Champion Mastery Tier V on a champion BEFORE you are allowed to play them in ranked. This may cut a persons champion pool but people would spend more time TRAINING with their chosen picks and not just picking them because they were successful in the LCS. I think its a sensible precaution and would help reduce a lot of toxicity in ranked matches.
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