Udyr+RunicEcho is kind of unstoppable ATM. Needs some gentle nerf

I am actully pretty tired of watching {{champion:77}} against me nowadays, cause all of them build just 2 items and become uncatchable and still very tanky and solid. 3 MS QUINTS + MS from masteries + Udyr's passive + {{item:1402}} sick 10%ms boost + {{item:3742}} + Bear stance resulting 550-600ms. +optional {{champion:40}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:37}} etc and also a {{item:3512}} (luckyli it's turned off atm). It is almost impossible to duel him, because he can kite infinitely with this build, yet he has damage from his pheonix. And he is able to splitpush all the game, making him a horrible enemy to fight against. And he cant even run out of mana now, cause runic echo solves this problem. Udyr has no weak places nor earlygame, neither lategame http://www.lolking.net/champions His winrate is very high, as well as his snowball potential and ability to control objectives. I like the niche he took, but he has** almost no way to be counterplayed**.
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