Jhin splash art and 2 abilities leaked?

Jhin splash art: http://i.imgur.com/nT7UkYT.jpg 1# Ability : http://imgur.com/3OZz1Er 2# Ability : http://i.imgur.com/rxpGTwy.jpg Wow guys this is crazy.What do you think about this? Let's analize this a little bit: His left massive,'robotic' left shoulder that holds robotic arm.We are still not able to see his right eye,because of mirror break.Torso design looks absoultely amazing.His right arm doesnt look so muscular,well,thats how psyho's are,not very muscular.He is holding really weird and huge white gun.I wouldnt call it sniper,maybe its like some sorf of "cannon". Room behind him is maybe his livingplace,I wouldnt call home,I guess he is changing livingplace,sleeping there temporary,when he is about to assassinate someone.On this picture he is going to do that. About abilities As Gypsy said,he HAS manabar,but,also,he has some,unique bar below manabar. I think that is going to empower his abilities. First ability,range is really thinly,but very very long.I think its going to be piercing ability which goes thru all enemy units. Second ability is much more interesting,it is going to be Ultimate probably and we have better view point.Aim looks like Zac's E,so it has angle and leght of ability is HUGE,I think its longer than Lux's R.Gypsy said it can get himself killed.I think,if he doesnt make to kill target with ultimate,he is going to commit suicide,because,you know,psyho's are weird as hell.But I think its going to have HUGE AD SCALLING He is definitely going to be Assassin,midlane,AD caster,I mean,we're really into AD era and It'd be weird that Jhin be AP scalling assasin,we already have enough of them. That's my little analyze I'm going to add more as soon as I research more about it (English is my foreign language,sorry for some spelling/grammar mistakes but I think you'd be able to catch up point of this thread :))
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