Silver and Gold Runes Suggestion

**Introduction** One of the issues with the current set of runes is that there is not enough utility for players to choose from. Currently, you can choose runes that enhance your offense and defense of a character, but you cannot improve your utility; your effectiveness to perform; your performance attacking minions, jungle, specialisation's in abilities, and much more. In short, there currently lacks flexibility in runes. Other than enhancing your character's overall strength, there is not much you can do with runes. **What are Silver Runes?** Silver runes revolve around slaying minions; they rely upon your performance and effectiveness to kill creatures. Silver runes could also apply to Jungle as well. 1. You are able to equip 2 Silver Runes. Examples include: 1.1 Upon hitting a minion, if it dies within 6 seconds, and you did not deal the killing blow, receive 50% less the normal gold. 1.2 Gain 3% additional gold from minion kills, but you deal 4% less damage to minions. 1.3 Deal 6% less damage to minions, but gain an additional 5% gold from killing minions. 1.4 All minions killed within 25 yards now grant 3% more experience, 2% less gold. Why Silver runes? The issue here is that new players, or, even level 30 players, have issues killing minions. These runes can help newer players with minion farm to help keep them in the game. While the more experienced players can opt to use Silver runes that grant more gold, but harder to kill; offering a greater challenge for those who want that additional rewards. This will create interesting gameplay options based on the player's skill; if they struggle to farm minions, they can choose to have runes that help with farming minions; where the more seasoned players will have more rewards, but greater difficulties to farm minions to maximise their character. Eventually, this will equal its self out, as the player will eventually be able to adapt their playstyle according to how they want to attack minions. **What are Gold Runes?** Gold runes revolve around each specific champion; they empower a specific champion ability. This opens up a new realm of possibility for those who want a different playstyle. Want to use an ability that is not optimal? Well, you can use a Gold rune to empower that ability to improve its performance 1. You can only equip one Gold Rune. Examples include: 1.1 Irelia has a Gold Rune that makes her E stun at any health %, but reduces its damage by 10%. 1.2 Vayne may have a Gold rune that increases her movement speed passive by 15 points, but now only activates during her ultimate. 1.3 Veigar's E stun now appears and stuns instantly, but its stun is reduced by 0.25 seconds. These Gold runes open up a new realm of play styles and possibilities that allow players to play differently to how they would normally. In short, every match would be different from the last. **How would you equip Gold runes?** As mentioned earlier, there is only one Gold rune, specific to each champion. That is, every champion you select, you will have to choose a new Gold rune. Therefore, there are two options: 1. Have a menu similar to the Item Set menu where you can configure the Gold rune for each of the champions you own. 2. Select the Gold rune upon selecting a champion in champion-select screen. There, you can change and modify the runes you own for the currently selected champion. You should only do this once the champion has been locked in. They are the Silver and Gold rune ideas. Do you believe this is interesting/would work, or do you think this is flawed?

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