Riot doesnt care about us anymore...

More than half the community wants the rotating Gamemodes back! But Riot doesnt give a shit and makes exuses like: (post was created early 2018 and nothing changed) Where are the new or popular Gamemodes you are talking about? We had 6 months straight no rotating Gamemode. TFT isnt temporary and its not MOBA so it doesnt count and they got a speacial team to focus on TFT so there is still the Team who is responsible for Gamemodes! Riots employees are literaly the most inefficient and lazy humans on earth. For e.x the invisible Nunu bug is still in the Game after more than a Year! it even happened to rioters, pros and popular league streamers. The Zac bug since his release is also in the Game (but its not realy a gamechanger so its not that important). Sona was the Champion with most or second most WR for about 7 patches. It wouldnt be hard if riot starts to take the community serious bcs we are the ones who are actualy playing their game and sometimes spend money on it. Bring the RGM back so we stick to the game! There is no reason to remove that!!! The game itself contains more effort into skins and micro transactions than in actual Gameplay and FUN-factors. There are plenty of similar posts like this (on reddit, boards, yt, twitter etc) but riot doesnt have the time work on their game with 2500 employees. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}

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