Talon rework/old talon

Greetings summoners I once was a onetrickpony talon since the moment he got released. I just loved playing talon over and over agen, i fell in love with him. Yeah love.. I dont know what you other summoners think about the new talon but I rly dont like it at all.. I miss the old talon pretty much I dont rly understand WHY talon needed rework ? i wanna know about you other onetrickpony's thought about it for me its a different champ, who i dont like anymore.. style.. the e.. slow combo(?). tbh i dont even know how the combo is now, but i guess that is because i dont care about it cuz im still sad, mad and frustated that talon is GONE. my love.. is taken... I want my talon back, bring back my talon :((( without talon im nothing tbh.. now i got plat with 23 wins and 52 lost ( 30% ) and getting flamed pretty much. been diamond for 3 seasons but i think im going back to silver now, sad but i cant climb without my #1 </3 Summoners.. I am the only one who want old talon back ? #oldtalonback -richy
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